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Aula Adrianea


The large hall in which the emperors loved to entertain their convivial guests has been restored to contemporary use. The restoration work of the Horti Sallustiani has allowed the creation of a unique space in the capital, extremely modern and versatile, offering the possibility of combining opportunities for meetings and work with the discovery of places of extraordinary historical, artistic and archaeological value, hitherto unknown to many.
The Aula adrianea, in fact, represents an original and highly suggestive site for the organization of conference events, receptions, and at the same time, it prospect as a unique scenario for the realization of important initiatives in the cultural and artistic field.

The suggestiveness of ancient history and the functionality of technical equipment supporting the realization of events find in the Horti Sallustiani a perfect synthesis.

The accommodation capacity of the hall is 150 seats; there is ample space for the organization of reception and checkroom services.

The facility is able to meet various organizational needs: from space arrangement to technology and catering services.

The hall is equipped with equipment for amplification, and upon request, video projection, audio-recording, video-conferencing equipment and simultaneous translation.


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